Free QR Code Generator

Our Three Core Principles

No Registration Needed!

Generate qr codes right now, without signup or collecting personal data.

Completely Free!

Our tool is 100% free, there are no fees or commissions. Generate as many QR codes as you need.

Fast and Simple!

Lots of options. Very few actions to get a QR code.


Why is it free and doesn't require sign up?

First and foremost, we solved our own problem. Every time we faced the need to register an account or pay money for QR code generation. And we are glad to share what we have done with everyone!

How to create a qr code?

It's very simple! You need to choose the type of QR code you want to create. Fill in the required fields and download your QR code, free of charge and without sign up!

How do I get a larger QR code?

You can download a QR code in SVG format and in a graphic editor change its size to the size you need.

What QR code options can I generate?

You can generate QR code for: Url, Email, Text, Call, SMS, Wi-Fi, Location, Youtube, Facebook, X (Twitter).

How to create a QR code for Wi-Fi network sharing?

1. Select "QR Type" - Wi-Fi.
2. Fill in the SSID (Name of your Wi-Fi network)
3. Password of your Wi-Fi network
4. Select encryption type

After that you can download the ready QR code, and share it to quickly connect to your Wi-Fi network.

How to create a QR-code with a location on the map?

1. Select "QR Type" - Location.
2. Fill in the Latitude
3. Fill in the Longitude

If you don't know the coordinates you need, use or any other service.

After that you can download the ready QR code, and share location.